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    Car accidents are already a legally complicated issue whenever they occur. The matter becomes even more complex when the car accident involves a car drivenRead More

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  • 5 Essential Qualities to Build a Successful Law Career

    Most law students dream to excel in their career but there are very few who really mark their presence in the market. Why? Probably theyRead More

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Who is Liable After an Uber Accident?

Car accidents are already a legally complicated issue whenever they occur. The matter becomes even more complex when the car accident involves a car driven by someone working for a ride-sharing service at that time. Here is an overview of who is generally liable in an Uber accident in a variety of circumstances in comparison to more conventional car wrecks

A General Overview

Uber accidents can injure pedestrians, another driver or the passenger or a combination of all three. The driver of the car is often liable for the accident. An Uber driver will often be liable for the accident just as they would if they weren’t carrying a passenger for pay. If someone else hit the Uber vehicle, the other driver’s insurance policy should cover the damages whether or not there is a passenger in the vehicle. If the Uber driver is at fault, then liability is more complicated.

Liability When the Driver Is on the Clock

Uber drivers will be covered by Uber’s commercial vehicle insurance policy if transporting an Uber passenger. This policy is only in effect when the Uber driver is “on the clock”. Yet that commercial policy might not be in effect, such as when someone is driving for personal reasons like driving the Uber vehicle home. If the driver is waiting for a fare, commercial auto insurance may cover the claim.

If an Uber driver is in an accident, the injured party can sue the Uber driver and file a claim against their commercial auto insurance.

Liability When the Driver Is Not on the Clock

Uber drivers are required to have car insurance that meets minimum liability limits. This auto insurance is what will cover damages if the driver was not on the clock for Uber.

If there is no passenger in the vehicle and an Uber driver hits a pedestrian, contingent insurance may apply.

What to Do If You’re in an Accident

Questions about liability arise when there is an accident involving an Uber driver. Many of those involved are unsure whether the Uber driver or Uber is liable. However, that isn’t something you should try to figure out in the aftermath of an accident.

If you are in an accident involving an Uber vehicle, collect as much information as possible. Get the driver’s name and the passenger’s name. Uber accident liability may hinge on whether or not the victim in the vehicle was a paying customer at the time. Try to collect contact information for any witnesses to the accident.

Steps to Protect Yourself

Review the driver’s ratings before you hire them. See if there are complaints against them, including their driving and verify the driver’s identity. Verifying this information ensures you do not get in the car with a fake Uber driver while guaranteeing you have the right information in case there is an accident.

Auto accident liability is a complicated matter, and drivers working part-time as taxi services only make the waters murkier. If you are in an auto accident, gather as much information as possible to determine whose insurance is likely to cover the damages.

5 Essential Qualities to Build a Successful Law Career

Most law students dream to excel in their career but there are very few who really mark their presence in the market. Why? Probably they have something unique to them. The fact is that law field is looking for experts that have talent and skills to make most out of every opportunity. Even after working as a solicitor for several years, many senior lawyers do not develop abilities to work as an independent professional. If you are interested to switch your career as a freelance law expert it is important to highlight your personality with few essential qualities that are in huge demand on practical grounds.

Below we have highlighted 5 essential qualities to build successful careers in law:

  1. Good Communicator:

In order to successfully carry the duties of a solicitor, it is important to develop strong oral as well as written communication skills. These skills can help you to build healthy relationships with clients while maintaining good confidence to deal with the issues in your field. A confident speaker can present his case strongly in the courtroom and can also argue with top potential. Good communication skills are also important for explaining case complications to your clients and to negotiate settlements.

  1. Time Management:

To meet the challenges involved with the workload in the law field, it is important to learn time management skills so that you can organize your priorities well to meet the time deadlines. Learn to prepare to do lists and stick to your time goals. A good lawyer can maintain the flow of cases calmly even when load exceeds.

  1. Academic Efficiency:

How can we forget to talk about this aspect? It is much important to make efforts to improve your knowledge about your field of specialization. While maintaining a good touch to your books, you need to stay up to date about what is happening in the world as well. Prefer to join some training sessions with experts in your area to improve your proficiency in your work.

  1. Self Confidence:

You have to face lots of competition in your career. In order to become successful in your field, it is important to make yourself able to stand out of the crowd with more determination. Self-confidence is the key to succeed in this challenging career as it will help you to present your case strongly even in the difficult situations at the courtroom.

  1. Research and Analysis:

Those who want to succeed as Self Employed Solicitor are advised to improve their efficiency for analyzing, figures, facts, and information. It is important to gain the ability to collect relevant details out of the mass information and get prepared to present it clearly in the courtroom. Research also plays an important role in your routine work to draft the cases strongly.

The success of your law career also depends on how you start your practices. There are lots of opportunities in the revolutionized world but making selection for best career path is important. Most of the experts these days are working as freelancers because it helps them to define new dimensions for their career. If you are interested to work as a freelancer without losing the benefits of a traditional law firm; it is good to contact professionals at

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How to Find an Excellent Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for an excellent personal injury attorney but don’t know where to start. Personal injuries, after all, are the result of someone else’s action such as a car accident. You’ll need an excellent personal injury lawyer when you go to the insurance company or court for financial compensation for the damages incurred on you. It is essential that you research and do your homework to find the right attorney for your case.

Here, we have outlined some of the ways to find a great personal injury lawyer.

1. Select a lawyer who only specializes in personal injury laws

Lawyers who handle personal injuries are sure to have mastered that specialization compared to the others who work with wills, bankruptcies, divorces, trusts. As the individual injury law has too many practices and rules, one has to dedicate himself exclusively to this law. You are risking yourself to a quality representation if you pick a lawyer that isn’t experienced in personal injury law.

2. Pick a lawyer that has a proven track record

If your case involves serious injuries, you should check if your attorney is capable of delivering a large settlement or verdict. Ask questions and see how many he has had.

3. Select a personal injury attorney who has a history of taking cases to trial

Nowadays, a lot of attorneys who advertise personal injury cases have never stepped inside a courtroom. These kinds will try to pressure you to settle for a pittance instead. Insurance companies can be aggressive and may take advantage of knowing that your attorney won’t go to trial. As such, they won’t even try to settle your case. If they see that your attorney will fold, the insurer will know it, and this will hurt you.

4. Hire an attorney who has enough resources in taking your case seriously

Check to see if your chosen attorney is successful. Does the office look like they are doing well? Does he have a list of personal assets or credit to prepare for your case? Personal injury cases that are serious are pretty expensive to prepare. Often, doctors must appear at court. You might even need to hire biomechanics, economists, accident reconstructionists, life care planners and other experts. Check to make sure that your lawyer has enough money to use as a single case can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

5. If needed, your lawyer should allow you to talk to his previous clients

An excellent attorney would have satisfied clients that you can talk to anytime. If a lawyer doesn’t let you speak with his past clients, there might be a reason for that which you should carefully take into consideration. There is a probability that he wasn’t able to do a good job.


To summarize, it is essential that you find yourself a personal injury attorney that meets all of the above requirements. Be careful with who you select as the success of your case lies significantly on who you will work with. Research and don’t forget to ask questions. If you got into drinking while driving trouble, you can call a DWI lawyer to help you settle the problem.





Understanding Personal Injury Law in South Carolina

Personal injury laws vary from state to state so it’s important to understand some of the basics in your state before proceeding with any insurance claim or lawsuit.  South Carolina has statutes and laws in place that limit the amount of compensation and the time you have to pursue your case.  These state laws can vary depending on the type of injury and what party was at fault for the accident.  It is important to find an experienced personal injury lawyer in South Carolina as soon as possible if you have been injured.  They will be able to review the details of your case and help you decide on the best course of action.

Statutory Limits on Personal Injury Claims in South Carolina

Every state has time limits for filing certain types of cases.  In South Carolina, you have three years to file a case related to a personal injury from the date of the accident or injury.  This schedule is laid out in the South Carolina code of laws, section 15-3-530.  Three years should certainly be enough time to pursue a claim or personal injury lawsuit, but it is something you want to consider if you have been injured in an accident.  It can take a significant amount of time to collect all the evidence, consider a settlement offer, and pursue a case in court if you cannot reach a reasonable settlement.

Shared Fault in South Carolina Personal Injury Cases

One of the most important things to understand about personal injury laws in South Carolina is the modified comparative negligence rule.  This rule means that the compensation you receive for a personal injury claim can be reduced by the percentage you were at fault for the accident.  The rule also means that if you are found to be at least half responsible for the accident, you will not have a right to collect any compensation.

It is obviously complicated to prove fault in an accident and this rule is one of the most important reasons to find an experienced personal injury lawyer in South Carolina if you have been injured in an accident.  The insurance companies involved will not be looking out for your interests and will attempt to use any information you give them to find that you were at least 50% responsible for the accident.  You should not attempt to work out a settlement on your own in the state of South Carolina.  It is standard practice for insurance companies in South Carolina to pursue the issue of shared fault during the settlement negotiations.  This rule often involves complicated nuances in the law and can quickly leave you without any hope for a settlement.

Damage Limits for Personal Injury in South Carolina

South Carolina has some set limits on the amount of damages you can receive in a personal injury case.  The state has set limits of $500,000 or up to three times the sustained damages, whichever is greater, on punitive damages.  Punitive damages are not the only claim that can be made in a personal injury case, but it is a limit that you should be aware if you will be pursuing a claim.

South Carolina also has caps on the damages you can pursue in a medical malpractice case.  These will typically be limited to $350,000 per defendant and $1.05 million for the entire claim.  This is the limit for damages related to pain and suffering.  Again, this is not the only type of claim that can be pursued in these cases.

If you are injured in an accident or as the result of some malpractice, it might seem like you can save some money by simply dealing with the insurance company on your own.  The insurance company might even try to convince you of the same thing.  This can put your entire claim at risk.  If you have been in an accident and will be pursuing a settlement or claim, you should start with finding an experienced personal injury lawyer in South Carolina.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Get The Compensation You Deserve

A traumatic brain injury can really affect your normal life. It happens when your brain hits the skull. There is always a chance that you suffer some serious kind of injury. If you have suffered from a serious injury in Miami, you may need help of the civil justice system. A traumatic brain injury can happen while you are playing sports and have a fall. It can happen if you get stuck by an object or have been in a car accident. Its effects vary from mild to severe.

When you think about the impacts of a (TBI), you may envision migraines, neck agony, disarray and memory misfortune. The cerebrum, be that as it may, controls the whole body, so subsequent to affliction from a TBI, you may encounter an assortment of medicinal issues. One of these is intestinal changes.

The University of Maryland School of Medicine contemplated the impacts of TBIs in mice and found that such damage activated long haul changes in the colon. Bacterial contaminations in the colon were more probable after a TBI. These diseases at that point caused aggravation and tissue misfortune in the cerebrum, making a two-way collaboration. Along these lines, a TBI patient could endure a consistent cycle of gut brokenness, cerebrum aggravation and lost tissue. A patient could likewise endure proceeded with contaminations, intensifying the mind harm.

The injury can impact one’s gastrointestinal tract. It happens because harm to the cerebrum makes the colon more permeable. Microscopic organisms from the digestive system can go directly through it, causing diseases. Truth be told, death from blood harming and stomach related problems are regular after a TBI. Those with a TBI are 12 times more inclined to die from such a condition. They are likewise more than twice as liable to die of a stomach related tract issue.

It isn’t known precisely how or why a TBI could cause these readjustments in the gut. In any case, it’s significant that enteric glial cells (EGCs), which exist in the gut, are like mind astroglial cells. Both of these cells end up actuated after a TBI happens. This initiation prompts mind aggravation, which adds to cerebrum tissue harm.

So, a TBI can be really harmful for your body. You may suffer from serious medical issues in the following years. In case someone else is responsible for this condition, you should not suffer. You should make sure that the person responsible for this pay for the damages done to you. You deserve complete compensation for the medical needs as well as loss of wages due to this medical condition. In case of this injury, you should immediately contact a miami personal injury attorney. The Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum, LLP is the best law firm in the market for the purpose. They are a bunch of dedicated individuals who deal with every case individually and give proper focus to details in order to fight and win it.

A Family Law Lawyer can be Versatile

Family law can be very challenging at times. A family law lawyer, in addition to being the legal adviser, may have to deal with certain stressful situations during a case that can be quite demanding. He has to have certain traits that can not only be useful in the profession but also be helpful for clients. An expert family lawyer can be easily expected to have the following qualities in him.

  • An expert in multi-disciplines – Family law lawyers can be well trained in many disciplines that include and may not be limited to divorce and division of liabilities in it, spousal support, custody and child support, adoption, paternity, terminating parental rights, protection from abuse, child neglect and so on. Each of these disciplines requires intense study and research. Therefore these lawyers can be quite versatile as they can help with many family related matters at a time.
  • Empathetically inclined- In case of a divorce or separation, the break up can be quite distressing for most couples and it is quite difficult to go through such phases or make any decisions. If there are children involved it becomes a more painful process for all parties involved. Trained and expert family law lawyers are quite sympathetic towards their client in such a situation. They understand their clients and not only help them legally but also help them emotionally and mentally. These matters may need to be heard in detail and having patience can be a virtue for such a lawyer. Conscientious lawyers even help their clients to move on with their lives after the case is solved and decided.
  • Willing to redress grievances – Family law attorneys who specialize in the field are all experts in addressing legal matters related to the family. They are also very skilled in their day to day work in dealing with courts, associated staff and other lawyers of a contesting client. They would know exactly how to address a dispute so that both parties can be satisfied with a judgment or settlement. They know that the work carried out by them may have a huge bearing on their clients and their future and hence every step is taken by them after careful planning and analysis.
  • Should also be manipulative enough to help their clients – Family law barristers also need to be quite manipulative at times for the sake of their clients. This is a trait that makes them stand apart from the rest of the lawyers. Many a times, an out-of-court settlement can be the best option of concluding a case and such a call is taken by them after looking at the pros and cons of a case. They can help with their advice in such a situation and parties can expect to get a favorable settlement with their help.

Unfortunately, these days the rate of divorce is pretty high. And hence, efficient and qualified family lawyers are highly desired. Their services are very much required to keep separations amicable for both spouses. They are widely acclaimed for their services.

Useful Methods to Select the Ideal Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

Whenever you have now been accused of committing a crime, then your priority should be to consider just how you would seek the services of a premier defense criminal attorney for the criminal situation. The pros play an extremely critical part in the collecting of evidence, questioning the witnesses in addition to protecting their customers charged with the offender crimes. What’s essential to see is the fact that not working with an experienced attorney for the criminal violation can cost you losing your own properties. Deciding on the most effective defense attorney for the case can become an extremely daunting task particularly when it’s the first time for you to search for you personally or even to participate with a situation. Plus, the fact that there is an array of criminal lawyers Sydney flood the industry now. You would like to visit the expert who is reliable to handle the case and usually the person who are able to encourage you through the duration of the case to receive the most useful outcomes. With the suitable guide, you will have the ability to select the great lawful attorney for the criminal case. Listed here are the helpful approaches you are able to follow to find the great criminal defense attorney to beat your criminal charges.

Field of Practice

Allow the lawyer you have faith in hiring explain to you just how much he or she is committed to the unlawful scenarios. What you ought to note is that hiring a defense attorney that has specialized in criminal defense matters will probably be likely planning to be more up to date on criminal legislation and also will readily be conscious of the flaws as well as the strengths of one’s case.


Make certain you go to the expert lawyer who you are able to rely on fully. Hire a person who will help you so on the appropriate decisions to make. It’s not a good idea to pick the attorney who will force you in making conclusions.

Keep the best criminal lawyers who are inclined to ensure you receive the fantastic outcomes

Criminal legislation is somewhat more complex, and every circumstance is exceptional. Moreover, opting for the expert services of the offender attorney who claims that you get excellent results without even studying your case first hand might well not be considered a wonderful idea.

Head to the experienced attorney

It’s crucial to inspect the legacy of a particular criminal defense lawyers before considering their own services. Enable the lawyers reveal for you their adventures in tackling the type of charges you are facing and when at all possible allow them to supply with the testimonials so you are able to know out of their website concerning the way they uncovered the assistance of those professionals.


Permit your lawyer to reveal to you the professional services offered and also the charges of a specific case. The lawyer might become your close friend; however, you have to be aware of the fact that they also think of their own bills and want to provide the needs of their own families. They accept the lawful representative job which determines their salary. Contemplating the fee along with the charges are able to allow you to avoid several financial problems with the lawyer. Remember, you can still manage to seek the services of the legal defense attorney that you’re able to handle to pay for without hurting your financial plan.

5 Important Reasons You Need an Employment Lawyer

Hiring an employment lawyer does not mean only employees can do that, employers too can hire attorneys. Everyday employment laws are changing rapidly since courts and government are coming up with new opinions about these laws. This clearly shows why you need an employment lawyer Toronto. There are numerous reasons why an employee or an employer would seek help from an employment lawyer as highlighted below.

  1. To seek legal advice for terminations

In every person’s lifetime, there are times when you will find yourself needing help from a lawyer.  This could be that time when you need to write a will, buy a new house, terminating a marriage, or even when starting a business. In all these issues, a lawyer can help you with legal advice, guidance as well as legal services.

Out there, there are different types of attorneys who specialize in various fields of law. If you want to draft a will, you should consult a lawyer who specializes in wills, if your case involves marriage, children, divorce or separation, your stop will be to a layer who is knowledgeable of the family law. Equally, a corporate lawyer will help you when you want to start your new company.

  1. A job offer review

Employment lawyers are not only helpful when you have been fired from your job, but they are also handy when starting a new job. For instance, when you are starting a job, numerous companies will require you to sign the termination clause in your employment contract. This clause is usually the determinant of the amount of money you are to be paid if your contract is terminated. An employment lawyer will aid youinthe evaluationof your job offer and make sure that what you’re signing puts you in the best position as you start your new job.

  1. Dealing with complex laws.

Laws are sometimes difficult and complex to understand. This is because they are drafted in a way that can confuse a person, additionally; the terms used can look like a foreign language if you have never been to a law class. An employment attorney can read through the terms and help you understand make the terms simple for you to understand, making it easy to decide whether you have a case and the best way to follow a cause of action.

  1. Terminations

There are numerous reasons that can cause pain in your life. The most losses you can ever come across are death or separation in marriage. However, losing your job can also cause a painful experience in your life.  Although an employment lawyer may not be able to ease the pain, he/she can help to ensure that your rights as an employee are served and you are fairly paid.

  1. Addressing workplace matters

Workplace issues are difficult. However, not all issues are aimed to terminate your working relationship. An employment attorney, will help in evaluating the issues and provide suggestions that could help solve the issues to prevent your employment relationship from being terminated.

Emotions can be at an all-time high

Emotions can be at an all-time high in the period right before a divorce.  That is why it is such a good idea to plan ahead and mentally prepare yourself for what lies ahead.  You will also what to get legal assistance from divorce lawyers in Highland Park to help you navigate through the sometimes complex and long process.  The following are some useful tips to help prepare you for getting a divorce.

Make Sure You Really Want To Get A Divorce

Be sure to exhaust all possibilities of a reconciliation before filing for a divorce.  It can be a very emotional decision, so it is important to take a step back and think as clearly as you can and make every effort to work out your differences before making the final decision.

Interview Attorneys

Always interview several attorneys instead of just talking to one. This will help you compare several professionals to see which one meets your needs the best.  You need to find one who you feel comfortable working with and who can help you meet your goals.

Collect Your Financial Documents

Documentation is relied upon heavily in divorce cases.  You will need to gather documents such as your bank and other financial account records, mortgages, car loans, and other relevant documents.

Determine What Your Custody Goals Are

If you have any children, then you will most likely be focused on what the custody situation is going to be.  Most likely you will have shared custody of your children with your spouse.  You will need to review your children’s schedules, your work schedules and any other obligations and considerations that could factor into a custody situation.  It is much better to think about these things ahead of time.

Determine Your Living Situation

It is often better, when possible, to live separately from your spouse during the process of getting a divorce.  However, it is best to speak to your divorce lawyer first before making any decisions.

Speak To Your Attorney About Any Joint Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

Depending on how your spouse and you have joint credit cards and financial accounts, your divorce lawyer might recommend that you either leave them as is or close them.  You don’t want to leave yourself in a situation where your spouse can drain accounts or run up bills while you are still on joint accounts together.

Develop Your Support Network

Divorce and take a huge emotional toll on you and your family.  It is very important to have people around you who will provide emotional support.  This can, of course, be family members and friends.  You might also want to consider speaking to a therapist.