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Who Is Responsible for Gig Workers?

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of a gig worker, it is basically an individual who makes extra cash on the side. They are not a part time or full time employee of a company. They are usually considered to be self-employed. They are usually paid for an entire job or for just a couple hours of work.

Gig jobs are becoming more and more popular nowadays. This is because the employment situation is changing. Gig jobs can be things like cleaning person’s home, being paid to provide an occasional courier service, driving a person around to do errands, playing music for a special occasion, and other things like this. They are basically short-term jobs that do not include an hourly wage or salary.

In the vast majority of cases, gig workers are considered to be self-employed. So when an individual is hired to provide a courier service, for example, they are not covered under the insurance of the individual or the company who hired them. It is usually not until an accident occurs that anyone wonders who should cover the courier, or the gig worker, in case of an accident. If a person is hit by a car, would they hire a pedestrian accident lawyer San Jose CA? Is it a civil situation? The lines between who is responsible for gig workers are very fuzzy. If you are in a situation where you have been injured while performing a gig job, it definitely does not hurt to at least have a consultation with an accident lawyer in order to find out about your rights and what steps you should take.

Working gig jobs is definitely a great way to make some money. In many cases, individuals can make two or three times the normal hourly wage in just one hour at a gig job. However, it is good for all individuals who are thinking about working gig jobs to understand what protection they will have in case of an injury. It would be advisable for them to speak with their current insurer to see if they would be taken care of while working at a gig job. Or they may want to speak with the individual who hires them about any insurance or benefits that they could receive while doing the job. The more a person understands about the coverage they receive and their rights, the better prepared they will be for an accident.

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